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Leila and Me

A semi-tripawd cat's story so far…

Leila and Me

How do I get through ‘That’ day?

July 9th, 2015 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Four more days until ‘That’ day.  The operation day.  The day when Leila may or may not keep her leg.

We are going away this weekend so today is the last day I get to spend with her before the operation.  The trip is the reason I put off the surgery until next week, I didn’t want to go away and leave her so soon after surgery.  I am trying not to think about it too much because I know there is nothing I can do now to change the outcome.  It helps that four vets now have agreed on the next course of action, I know I’m doing the right thing.  I know that whatever the outcome, Leila will be fine within a few days or weeks, any scarring will heal and she can go back to enjoying her life.  I’m not worried about the outcome as much as the operation itself.

My first real pet was a guinea pig.  I was 11.  We found a lump under her skin.  It was removed once but it came back.  During the second surgery she died under anesthetic.  It has left me terrified of surgeries.  Each of Leila’s other three surgeries (including when she was spayed) have gone fine for her.  I have been a wreck all day.  The vets say that if it is just the pin removal then it should be a straightforward procedure and she can go home the same evening.  If it becomes an amputation then obviously it will be more complicated.  I won’t know until afterwards what the outcome will be.

I don’t know what I will do on that day.  Milo hates being alone so I will probably spend most of the day here.  Although he will sleep in one of his usual favourite spots if I’m here, if I leave him for too long then he gets distructive.  He’s still like a kitten, despite being 5 years old.  Apparently that’s a Siamese cat thing.  I think I need a jobs list to just get through on the day.  Cleaning and laundry, other easy things.

Does anyone else have any tips?  I take her in at 8.30am (I wish I didn’t have to drive myself but there isn’t another option).  The vets should call me around midday, I hope.

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3 Comments so far ↓

  • benny55

    We can all certainly relate!

    I actually sat out in the waiting room the ENTIRE day…from 9:am until about 8:00 pm that night. I wasnt going to leave should she “need” me by her side for any I jad her little dog buddy, Bodie, with me the whole time.

    I doubt many spent “that” day “that” way! I know many did what you’re talking about…chores…..aybe cleaning out a closet…going through magazines that you’ve kept for weeks and throwing them away because you can’t remember why you kept them!

    Of course, there’s always the “junk food method”! Eat every single junk food you can think of! It’s a great way to achieve “instant gratification” without going shopping!

    Yeah, any surgery is scary. Just remember that what happened to your sweet Guinea Pig was then…and that does not equal now. The techniques they use today to guard against surgery mishaps are very effectove.

    Leila will surprise you at how well she does once the recovery period is over. If amputation is the solution, she will be guaranteed to be pain free and not have to endure any more surgeries!

    Hang in there…hold onto us! You are not alone! We’ll all be looking forward to your uldate.

    Hugs to you and all your kitty pack!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • rascallyadventures

    I honestly spent as much of “that” day as I could away from home running around doing errands, purely to avoid sitting and thinking too much.

    Since you’re planning to stay home for the sake of Milo, an activities list would definitely be a good idea! I’d say keep yourself moving, keep yourself occupied.

    So definitely do that laundry, and get that deep clean going! Plan out more than you can possibly achieve in that time so that you won’t have a moment to sit and freak out!

    The calmer you can be come pick up time, the better for Leila!

    We’ll be here waiting to hear how she’s doing, and how you’re doing!

    Wishing Leila a smooth experience in both surgery and recovery,

    Rascal and Co.

  • jerry

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    Well how did it go?

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