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Leila and Me

A semi-tripawd cat's story so far…

Leila and Me

Preparing to move again

October 14th, 2015 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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It’s been a while since I posted.  Mainly because there hasn’t really been anything to post.

Leila is doing well.  We are weaning her off the steroids, which is great because I was struggling to deal with the hunger that the steroids was causing.  The poor girl was starving the whole time and really upset about it.  She now has a little bit of a belly, which is odd because she has always been naturally skinny.  I am trying not to over-feed her but it was so hard to watch my baby suffering when I knew how to stop it.  Anyway, that has improved a lot, but she is definitely cross with me for not giving her extra food.

In other news, and probably evident in the title of this post, we are moving again.  Back to British Columbia.  Craig has a new job starting next Monday.  We only had just over 2 weeks notice for this move so packing is happening.  Milo and Leila are enjoying all of the new toys (moving boxes) that they have to play with, and so far don’t seem too upset by the disorder of the house.  We will be staying with Craig’s parents initially, which always makes me worry in case the cats (mostly Milo) scratch or chew on anything.  Hopefully we can find our own place fairly quickly.

"I packed myself, just in case."

“I packed myself, just in case.”

That’s Leila’s bad leg!  Look how well she can bend it now!

I am a bit concerned that Leila is not getting on with Milo as well as before.  I have mentioned in earlier posts that he can be a bit intense, he still likes to play like a kitten, and Leila has always gotten fed up with him.  I think she has lost her confidence since her accident because she knows she is not as strong as before.  Quite often pre-accident, when Milo was playing with a toy, Leila would jump in and take it away – just because she could.  She would get bored and leave it for him pretty quickly and it was always quite funny because he was much slower.  Recently she has backed off when Milo comes to play, even if she was there first, even when I try to include her.  Also, and more worryingly, he seems to be playing with her more roughly.  Maybe he isn’t, maybe its just because she is not as strong as before, but she often ends up hissing at him and I have heard some very angry growls from her.  It does not make him back off.  When she gets really upset I usually move Milo away myself, but I would prefer it if they could sort things out between them.  I am trying a few things to help them.  Firstly I have started feeding them together again.  As Leila was on the medication, I was feeding her in her cage so that Milo couldn’t get into the steroids (which I mixed with a bit of tuna and she ate not problems).  They have always had a double bowl before so now that Leila is only having 2ml of steroids once a day, I have started giving her that about 5 minutes early then feeding them their usual breakfast together.  I started this today so I will see how it goes.  I did read that it was less stressful for cats to be fed separately, but thinking back to what my vet-friend said about them being one cat not two, I think this may be better for them.  I am also going to make some time with just Leila to play.  This means poor Milo will have to be shut in the bathroom/laundry room for a little while, which he does not like, but I’m sure he can manage for 10 minutes at a time.

I will let you know how they are getting on.  I miss them being best friends.

I am going to read some other blogs now because I’ve got a bit behind on how all of our other tripawd friends are getting on.  I hope They are all well.

Emily and Leila

Emily and Leila

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  • jerry

    Hey there! Wow two weeks notice to move is craaazy! Glad the kitties adapt well. Did you know TriKitty Mona & Kerren are in BC too? They are in Comox.

    I’ll bet that as soon as Leila is weaned off the Pred completely she’ll be back to hanging and chilling out with Milo. Pred doesn’t just do things to the body but it also messes with your mind too, so give her time, she’ll come around. And yeah they’ll work it out, animals have a way of doing it, we humans just tend to get in the way sometimes.

    Good luck with the move!

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