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Leila and Me

A semi-tripawd cat's story so far…

Leila and Me

Moving times

November 6th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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So We left Alberta a week and a half ago.  No major hitches for us humans, but the day before, Leila had a run in with our old landlord’s dog.  Luckily a screen door separated them because the dog really went for her.  I have to say I was a little proud that Leila attacked back.  She is terrified of their big Labrador-mix dog who is really soft and completely disinterested in the cats, but this was the little dog.  I think a shiatsu, but still maybe double the size of my tiny cat.  Anyway, as I ran to the door, Leila leaped up the screen, over my shoulder and landed on the floor.  Poor girl was so scared!  The landing must have hurt her elbow joint, which upsets me a lot.  I have been really trying to minimize the amount she jumps down from high places specifically because I know this joint has a limited life-span before we join the true tripawds.  It was almost a good thing that she had to spend 10 hours of the next day in her travel box so that she could rest it.  Of course, she didn’t see it that way, but mewed less than when we did this journey the opposite way, almost 6 months ago.

We spent just over a week living with my in-laws.  They were lovely for putting us up until we found our own place, but they are in that blissful stage of life where their house is child-free, pet-free and grandchild-free (although my sister-in-law and her husband will be changing that for them in March).  They have an immaculate house with an expensive leather sofa so the cats were relegated to the basement, along with all of our furniture.  They could come upstairs with supervision but it’s quite hard to supervise two cats at once in a big, open-plan house.  Leila loves to eat flowers and plants, and has been missing her cat-grass.  Unfortunately, the recent loss of Craig’s grandmother meant that there were a lot of flowers in the house and a few got nibbled or pulled apart when I wasn’t looking.  Milo just seems to look for trouble!  Typical boy!  Last time the cats stayed there, when Craig and I were finishing our honeymoon in England, Leila was still pinned together and probably in pain, so she was much more docile and would sit for cuddles with my mother-in-law.  This time she was back to her usual standoffish, cat-like self where she mostly only likes me.  It was useful for supervision that she would follow me everywhere, but I think my mother-in-law was a little upset at the lack of cuddles.

Anyway, we found a basement suite to rent for 6 months until (hopefully) we buy our own place.  We’re in and mostly unpacked.  Both cats are coping so well with all of these changes.  I think it helps that we have our own furniture so it’s familiar to them.

"I found my spot.  Where are you going to sit?"

“I found my spot. Where are you going to sit?”


Leila has been getting comfortable in a few favourite places.  I’m trying to avoid letting them sleep in the bed all day (yes, under the covers), I feel bad because it is cold here for them, but I think they will get used to it better if they’re not always super warm.

Now we have a bedroom door again, we’re trialing cat-free sleeping.  I definitely sleep better, but I do miss my Milo hot water bottle.








Milo was helping us unpack.  He likes to be where all the action is happening.  Often directly under our feet!

"This looks like a perfect spot for me.  I can even help put cat hair on your clothes for you.  I know you like that."

“This looks like a perfect spot for me. I can even help put cat hair on your clothes for you. I know you like that.”

That’s it for now.  We’re very happy to be in our own place and to have our furry companions back with us.  I missed them when they were in the basement.











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2 Comments so far ↓

  • jerry

    Oh you guys, glad you survived that entire ordeal. And that Leila is OK. Sheesh. What is it about some dogs with Napoleon complexes? Poor kitty!

    You done good, kudos to you for finding a new cat-friendly space where you can all chillax & breathe. Enjoy!

  • benny55

    Loving these pictures!

    And loving reading about the delightful exploits of Milo and Leila!

    I bet they end up in bed with you before long though. I’m sure it gets very cold where yiu are and you’ll need that extra “heat”!

    And Leila, nooo jumping! Glad you told that doggy off before you left though!!

    Enjoy your new adventures everyone! So glad all is well!

    Cozy hugs ro all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

    And I’m sorry about Craig’s grandmother.

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